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Each of our practitioners invoices patients at independent tariffs. Please feel free to contact Sharon at 021 683 9244 in order to request a cost estimate for your scheduled procedure. Please be advised that the final invoice may differ from the estimate depending on a number of factors, eg: actual time spent in the operating theatre, some physiological parameters and unforeseen clinical services.

Please ensure that you are well-informed of your specific anaesthetist’s rates and how much of this will be covered by your own medical scheme prior to your procedure.

Contact information for account offices:

Doctors Nussbaum, Chesterton, McClarty, Brossy, Harrington, Burke, Purcell, Lee, Barbieri, Du Preez, Laight & Delport

021 205 3555.

Doctors Seggie & Cohen

012 349 0200

Dr Sue Gardner

021 782 6132

Dr Charlie Rumboll

Nadine Williams-Brown
021 554 3709 or 0827042355

Dr Karen van der Spuy